toby's harbor

welcome to my safe harbour. feel free to drop anchor anywhere

i'm toby (or tobias) and i'm a 24 year old man studying nautical science and seamanship. ships have always been a special interest of mine and i've been working onboard commercial passenger ships as a deckhand since 2019. i have a variety of interests and hobbies, which i hope to collect and share with others here. this site is a personal project to bring together various parts of my life into one place.

site landing page has been completely redone and media thread, chatbox, and music mix tabs have been added to the main page body. seamanship page temporarily unavailable

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seamanship shrine needs to be reconstructed. brainstorming a possible layout. page design for this spilled over into the main page, lol

i feel like i'm about to get really busy this summer ;__; i'm studying to challenge an exam this summer and just waiting to hear back about university courses i want to take. i just finished my first shift onboard in 6 weeks and i'm a little exhausted. hoping to work on some updates to the site these days off and get my seamanship page up.

my yearly media thread, transposed here from my twitter. not much to say, this is just to keep record of what i watch/read/play over the year

Lamento -Beyond the Void-

an old BL novel i felt compelled to play after listening to the gorgeous soundtrack. a slightly embarassing subject of hyperfixation for me

Amusing Ourselves to Death / Neil Postman

i heard about this book while browsing an old touhou forum and it piqued my interest. going in, i expected this novel from 1985 to have fallen victim to the passage of time- only to have my expectations blown out of the water by this thoughtful and suprisingly relevant essay on the effects of media culture in society.

Alien / Ridley Scott

another classic i had been missing out on for so long. loved it.

In the Mouth of Madness / John Carpenter

i thought the special effects in this movie were so charming. after i watched this the plot of the movie became a reoccuring theme in my dreams for the next week.

The Thing / John Carpenter

i can't belive i've never seen the thing until this year... what a classic i had been missing out on.

Siddhartha / Hermann Hesse

a classic for a reason. i found my own meaning in siddhartha's journey, and overall really enjoyed this short and enlightening novel

feeling brave...? like electronic music...? these are mixes from soundcloud i'm enjoying lately, and one of my own playlists. autoplay volume on these has been lowered to save your ears